Why do I need to pay monthly if I only come in once a year or less?

This question has come up many times in the past month, mainly by guys. It is true in America, a good number of appointments that men make are because their spouse either pressures them into making it or makes it for them. Their spouse is more concerned about their health or the concern there could be something really wrong. Health care questions come up all the time, but are ignored. Guy’s don’t want to take time off of work to come to the doctor especially for something they think may not be important.

The evidence is that the direct care model leads to better health for men. Because they can text, call, email and not necessarily take time off work, they will access care more, asking those questions (the ones their spouse is wanting them to ask) and finding out if it warrants further evaluation. The monthly membership makes us available to you, when ever – even on vacation. This is a worthwhile investment.

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