1. Jenny and Hank Kirk says

    To Dr. Paul Williams
    Although we plan to attend one of your information meetings, we have questions which we would appreciate your answering beforehand:

    1. Since you no longer will be participating in Medicare and other health insurance programs, who do we list as our primary care physician with Medicare and Regence Uniform (our current insurance provider)? Will Washington Park Direct Care be accepted as a primary care provider?

    2. How will we purchase medications? Through your office? At our local pharmacy?

    • says

      1. We would be considered your primary care physician, but would be considered out of network. And since the insurance isn’t being charged by our office, that really has no financial bearing to you.
      2. Your Medicare insurance will still cover those “Providers” that still take your insurance – such as pharmacies, radiologic groups, referral doctors, laboratory services. So yes you can still get your medications at your pharmacy and your insurance, but if our prices for the ones we carry are lower priced, you may want to get some of them from us.

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