Thanks Giving

Thank you all for your continued prayers and walk with us on this journey. Thank you Father for your continued love and support; your loving kindness and faithfulness endure forever.

I had initially wanted to blog once a month as things settled down for Theresa. But as you see, it looks like it will be every three months for now. There are a few reasons for this, one Theresa is doing very well from a cancer point of view, second life got very busy with building a new office and moving into it and also homeschooling three of our kids in Math.

Theresa recently had her follow up appointment with her Oncologist. She continues to be cancer free (as far as surveillance labs and exams can tell). She is on Tamoxifen, and will move to a different medication in the new year. In February she will be a year out from her last treatment for her cancer. Next month will be two years since the breast cancer was diagnosed. We are so very grateful for these past two years, as initially she was only given 6 weeks to live. We are thankful beyond measure for all the prayers for her and for God’s answering those prayers such that Theresa is a testimony of that Grace.

As you know Theresa had surgery on her left shoulder earlier this year for a frozen shoulder. She has no pain in that shoulder and has much more range of motion. Right before her left shoulder surgery, her right one became frozen. This has progressed. She has very limited motion in her right arm, having constant pain which really affects her ability to get restful sleep. During the day she can get along fine, but at night it aches and moving will wake her up, if she is able to sleep. She doesn’t take anything for it, as the side effects to most of the medications are worse than the problem. Hopefully in the next 2-3 months the pain will diminish and at that time she can begin Physical Therapy. As far as we know she isn’t a candidate for surgery on the right side as all her lymph nodes were removed. We will cross that bridge when we get there.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, we have so much to give thanks for. Actually, in everything we can find something to be grateful for.
Psalms 100:4 “Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise.”

Chris Tiegreen “Experiencing God’s Presence Devotional” Nov 23rd.
“We want closer encounters with the Lord. We ask for them and wait for them….If you really want to come into God’s Presence, gratitude and praise are the keys that open the door….Many testify that God felt distant when they were discouraged or confused or apathetic and the waiting to be filled with gratitude and praise got them nowhere. But when they choose to find something to give thanks for and decided to praise Him in spite of their mood, the spiritual atmosphere shifted and God showed up. Thanks and praise led them into a deeper experience with Him.”

May you experience a deeper walk with our Lord through a heart of gratitude and praise.


  1. Julie gamewell says

    Thank you for the inspiring words and update on Theresa’s health. Now I can pray more specifically for the joys and concerns. I’m rejoicing with you in your gratitude that the Lord has brought you THROUGH these past two years as well as brought you CLOSER to Him…. His steadfast love never ceases.

  2. Candace Horch says

    I rejoice with you at this milestone as Theresa has been in my daily prayers. There are so many lessons to be learned in God’s Word about gratitude… Your family is experiencing being ‘thankful in all things’… Your lives are a witness to many… as a 3 year survivor thus far, I hope I can be a light to others also through gratitude in all things. I’m praying for her right shoulder to heal and allow her restful nights.

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