Sepsis, DVT, Anemia, fatigue

Thank you Father again for your goodness during this time, for allowing me to have time off to be with Theresa, and that Theresa made it through this trial. Thank you all for your prayers.

I am sorry I left you hanging and didn’t get back to blogging until now. It has been, as you could guess, a busy time.

Theresa spent the week in the hospital. We came home on Saturday. Her blood cultures from the port, from the other arm and from the port tip once removed, all grew out the same bacteria – Staph lugdunensis. The source being her port, which was removed on her second hospital day. She responded to the antibiotics slowly. She has to be on antibiotics for 16 days. Once the port was removed, 90% of her neck pain, her hoarseness and pain on swallowing resolved. She also had an ultrasound of the neck which showed a DVT (jugular vein clot). She was started on Lovenex shots and warfarin.

Her bone marrow has been slow to recover. She is very anemic and for a while her white blood cell count was in the neutropenic range. With the anemia, 6 days bed bound, and possibly small pulmonary emboli, she as become weak, short of breath with any movement and her heart rate jumps really high with the littlest of activity. She tires out very quickly now and is either sitting or laying down. Her Oncologist feels it will take a month or so before she will have any energy.

She also continues to have the gastrointestinal pain, a side effect from the chemo. This hasn’t improved any in the past couple of weeks, though we are hoping this too will improve.

So at this time she is done with Chemo and she will try to get stronger before we meet with her Oncologist again in a month. At that time we will decide what to do. My guess is a PET scan and based on that scan a plan will be developed.

This has been a pretty big hit for Theresa. Being weak, short of breath, tired all the time, being unable to do really anything has been hard for her to handle. She gets tearful fairly often. Theresa says she feels she took for granted having pain free moments and walking a few feet without being short of breath. You don’t think about those things when you are not limited.

Since being home Theresa has maybe gained a little. At least she isn’t sliding down, which is good. I would ask for prayer that Theresa wouldn’t be discouraged in this low point. I pray that she can focus on the blessings and that she has come so far.

God has shown His goodness to us in this time. Being on vacation so that I was already off was a blessing. Being able to call her oncologist and the ER being ready for her when she arrived so she got the blood cultures and IV antibiotics within the first half hour of being there. We received excellent care as well and Theresa had very kind nurses and aids and doctors taking care of her. We felt the goodness of our Father. Again we have been blessed in the midst of this storm and we will continue to give thanks, for we have a good good Father.

Thank you for praying, for we are supported by those prayers.


  1. Donna Rao says

    Oh my goodness, Theresa my heart goes out to you. You have endured so much, I sincerely hope that you don’t get discouraged; just know that you are in so-ooo many peoples prayers. I hope you can feel all the love that we send to you through our prayers. Know that you are always in thoughts as well as our prayers.
    Hugs, Auntie Donna ❤️❤️

  2. Debbie O'Connor says

    I’m so sorry you are going through all this, and so grateful you are still here with your family, Theresa. We are praying for you!

  3. Elizabeth Moody says

    We are so sorry that you have had such a difficult time. Our prayers continue for you. Please hang in there. You are loved and needed.
    Love, Aunt Betty and family

  4. Candace Horch says

    Thank you for this update! As we pray daily for Theresa and for all of her family as well, it is so good to hear that God is blessing in so many ways. Our prayers are for continued gaining ground and for encouragement for Theresa as she wishes she could do more than she can right now. May our great God continue to walk this walk with you all. We pray also for her oncologist and for all those on her team who are in this with you… may they have wisdom and discernment for the very best course of treatment.

  5. Jennie Brandt says

    Our Prayers are being sent to you to give you strength and to make things easier for you. You have been amazing in your fight.

  6. Dennis and Darlene Keahey says

    We are so sorry about the suffering Theresa and your family has gone through. Your dependence on God and the prayers to our heavenly Father from family and friends do mean so much and are such a help in times like this. We have Theresa on a couple of our prayer lists with our friends and have been praying and will keep on praying for all of you. We know it does affect the whole family.
    Love, Dennis and Darlene Keahey

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