Rest and renewal

Thank you Father for walking with us, for rest and renewal. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

Once again the weeks have gone by. This past week we went away on vacation, just Theresa and I. We bid on a vacation at an auction over a year ago. We couldn’t use it last summer, so made the plans over 15 months ago, prior to Theresa’s cancer returning. We were hoping we would be able to go. As God worked it out, there was a quick change in plans a few days before our trip, so we ended up staying in Depoe Bay instead of Newport. It actually was a better fit for us. The condo was on a cliff over looking the ocean, so we could sit in the front room with the sliding door open enjoying the ocean sounds and breeze. We mainly lounged, though did a few strolls in Newport and Depoe bay. The weather was nice too. We came back refreshed and Theresa’s health was stable.

Next week Theresa has her appointment with her oncologist. We will decide then if she needs a PET scan, what’s new, and the options available. Please pray for wisdom from above to make the right choices.

Theresa has been able to reduce medications and get off some of them over the past few weeks. Her energy level hasn’t improved much. Her abdominal pain persists. Her cough seems to be more frequent again and her achy body persists. It is hard to gauge if she is stable, getting better, or slowly worsening. We have no idea if she has any residual cancer, or if it has spread since February. Having some idea with restaging tests will take the guessing out of it. What I can say though is that she isn’t bouncing back as fast as she did in February.

We are very grateful that God has allowed us to have our family vacation, have our 25th anniversary, and have this trip to Depoe Bay. In February those looked distant and probably unattainable. But with your prayers and God’s mercy upon us, we have reached those milestones. How can we not celebrate God’s goodness, faithfulness, and overwhelming kindness toward us. He sustains us, gives us the endurance and renewal we need.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. This is the work we need. We sense God’s joy through his children, so Thank you.


  1. Toni Belveal says

    Thank you for the update. So thankful for the milestones and get away that you had. Continued and persistent prayers. God bless your family.

  2. Debbie OConnor says

    I’m so glad you got to go away together. It sounds like a sweet trip. I will keep praying.

  3. Glenn Palmer says

    So glad to hear you were able to get away and enjoy the coast. Praying for you both and for wisdom for the oncologist. Hoping you will reach many more milestones in the time to come.


    I am so happy to hear that you two were able to enjoy some time away to celebrate your 25th! Depoe Bay is beautiful and you two are a beautiful example of love that endures, hopes, and believes.
    Prayers continue for you, Theresa, and your children as together you walk daily with our Lord, for the upcoming PET scan & staging, for strength, healing, wisdom, hope, and clarity.

  5. Elizabeth Moody says

    Thank you for the update. Happy to know you were able to go to the beach.
    My thoughts and prayers will continue. Love, Aunt Betty

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