Island Dance

Thank you Father for your graciousness towards us. Thank you all for your prayers

Well I took a few weeks off from blogging, partially because we went out of town. We had talked about taking a few trips over the years, but as is easy to do, never got around to them. As the kids got older their schedules didn’t match anymore and summers led to jobs. As we are uncertain what the future holds, we decided to go on a southern Caribbean cruise. After Theresa’s PET scan was normal this past summer, We decided to take a family trip. The only time the kids were off at the same time was Christmas break. We have never gone anywhere during Christmas, but felt we needed to take the opportunity. We flew to Puerto Rico on Dec 15th, went on a 7 night Cruise to St. Martaan’s, St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, and Barbado’s. We decided on a cruise as we felt that would be the easiest on Theresa and allow her to rest while still being active. Theresa got her treatment the day we left, so was pretty tired during the trip. Her frozen shoulder made the flights long and miserable. Her sleep is pretty broken up because of the shoulder pain. We took a couple excursions that allowed Theresa to sit on the beach or on a boat, while the rest of us could be more active. The weather was perfect. God was generous here. It was supposed to be rainy and windy. We did have 30 mile an hour winds, and rain mainly at Barbado’s. It was sunny and 85 degrees the rest of the time. The islands are beautiful, the snorkeling relaxing, the food pretty good. Theresa even was seen dancing on a Catamaran in St. Kitts, bringing a big smile to my heart. Everything worked out well, no missing kids or luggage and we arrived home at 11pm Dec 24th. We celebrated Christmas a few hours later than normal so we could catch up on sleep.

Theresa had her follow up appointment with the Radiation Oncologist Thursday. It wasn’t a smooth routine appointment that Theresa was counting on. He was concerned about the swelling in her axilla and was concerned it could be recurrent cancer. So he set up an ultrasound for the next day. For a day the anxiety and tears rolled until the ultrasound showed it to be noncancerous and related to her surgery. Once again the roller coaster of cancer struck and played with our emotions and the “what if’s”. God faithfully held us tight as we took our eyes off Him and worried about the possibilities. He reminds us that the “Kingdom of God” is about “righteousness, and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Roman’s 14:17). He teaches us during these times. “Never run from suffering, but bear it silently, patiently, and submissively, with the assurance that it is God’s way of instilling iron into your spiritual life…There is no way to impart iron into His people’s moral nature except by letting them suffer, He allows them to suffer” (Streams in the Desert December 27th). We are being molded, pruned and refined during these times.

Next week I’ll call and get an appointment with Orthopedics to get Theresa set up for shoulder surgery. The shoulder pain steals away her sleep. It is wearing her down. We hope the Orthopedist agrees to move forward with surgery this month. We ask your prayers in this area.

Thank you for your prayers and continued walking with us. I’ll keep on blogging.


  1. Kathy Spencer says

    I am so glad that your family vacation went so well. Most of my favorite memories of youth are from family camping trips and outings and will undoubtably be so for your kids as well. I am continuing to hold you and Theresa in my prayers as you journey together.

  2. Kim says

    How wonderful to hear that your trip was so memorable:) Will absolutely continue lifting you all in my prayers. Sending lots of love and hugs.

  3. Penny and John Watridge says

    What a fabulous trip, the memories made were well worth the long travel I’m sure. Perfect timing to cosy back home for Christmas Day. Thoughts and love still going your way from us Williams family. Your strength and endurance is a powerful force indeed.

  4. DeAnna Rooklidge says

    So glad you were able to get away as a family this Christmas! Blessings to you as we begin a New Year. May God continue to bring life and healing to you, as you continue to walk with Him step by step! Praying for you!

  5. Lori james says

    Happy to hear you and your family were able to get away, and thanks for the reminder to get out there and make memories!

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