Thank you Father for your watch and care over us. Thank you for your Loving kindness and Faithfulness. Thank you for being the one constant we can depend on. Thank you all for your continued concern and prayers.

Theresa had a different week. The Radiation machine was down for two or three days. She went up for one of the days, waited two hours and didn’t end up getting her treatment. This has caused a little anxiety as now she is five behind and they initially stressed how important it was not to miss any. Now she has missed five but had radiation Saturday so they will extend her treatments to about a week or so before Thanksgiving. She did get into Physical Therapy on Friday to start 6 sessions for the lymph edema. She also had some deep tissue massage for the left shoulder which didn’t help much yet. As her left shoulder has been hurting worse and worse, we talked with her oncologist and did a tumor marker and a bone test that is on a routine blood panel, just to make sure it wasn’t cancer spreading. Both tests were normal, so it looks like the issue is muscular and hopefully will respond to local treatment. Stress was a little high this week until we found out. Sleep still eludes Theresa and that can be lifted up in prayer.

In writing this blog, I wanted to honestly portray the ups and downs, the daily struggles, but also victories. There will be battles won, but other battles that continue to be fought. Victories are to be celebrated, on going battles submitted to our Father, with persistence and obedience on our part with eventual success. Life is hard. It is messy. Yet the heavenly perspective helps so much. John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim’s Progress”, does such a good job illustrating this truth. We hold tight to God’s promises and merciful grace.

Please pray for endurance for Theresa this week. She has her treatments, PT appointments, kids activities and on Friday her immunotherapy added to that and a long driving day with our son. I’m sure she will be down over the weekend. I pray she recovers quickly and is able to get good rest and sleep. The whole process is wearing. Yet we are sustained daily by our Loving Father through Christ. He renews our strength, gives us rest and renewal of mind and soul. We count our many blessings, to be where we are with help from above and from friends and family walking with us. We are blessed beyond measure, and when we focus on that our difficulties pail in comparison.

May you have a blessed week. May the Loving kindness and Faithfulness of our God be yours this week. Look expectantly for Him this week in your every day activities.


  1. Audrey Kimball says

    I “comment” little, but pray a lot……..especially at this time for God’s grace to surround Theresa with a peace that brings restful sleep. So important to healing.

  2. Priscilla Christenson says

    Will be praying specifically for good and peaceful rest for Theresa and endurance for all that’s going on! God Bless her and your family!

  3. kimberly bennett says

    PrayingPrayers for Theresa’s endurance and strength to increase and her pain to lessen. Bless You All

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