Drain placement

Thank you LORD for your blessings, beauty, and the seasons of life. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.

It is nice not to be on the weekly roller coaster any more. Day to day living does become difficult. Being able to think about the future, even plan for the future – looking down the horizon – is a blessing. We are gaining for sure. Theresa went to her surgeon again, as the fluid he drained returned again fairly quickly. So on Monday the radiologist, under ultrasound guidance, removed most of the fluid and placed a drain in her right side. She will have this drain 2-4 weeks depending on when it starts slowing down. Having the baseball sized fluid collection removed has decreased her discomfort. The tube is uncomfortable and makes it harder to function, but the end result will be well worth it. Her left shoulder continues to ache, but the intense pain has subsided. Hopefully in a month or so that too will improve. Then surgery if she can’t get her range of motion back. We are now 5 weeks out since her last Herceptin treatment. Theresa is having more stamina. She was in good spirits and really active for about 3 days. But she probably over did it as she pretty much stayed in her recliner the last two days and has had to take naps during the day. I haven’t seen this amount of energy in her for over a year, so I am encouraged she will keep on improving over the Spring time. She has an appointment with her oncologist this week and she’ll hope to find out what the upcoming plans are. Always in the back of the mind is the survivability curves and the prediction of length of disease free time expected. Those thoughts have to be replaced with thoughts of hopefulness for today and the days ahead. We have so much to be thankful for.

In my devotional, by Chris Tiegreen, for Feb 9th he writes:
“There is a sense in which we experience God the way we expect to. In a parable about a master who had given his servants some money to invest, two servants were comfortable enough with the master to take some risks. One saw him as “a hard man ” (Matthew 25:24, NIV). And though all three had the same master, they each experienced him exactly according to their expectations. It’s the same way with God. If we perceive Him as a hard master, we probably experience a hard master. If we understand His grace, we experience grace. It isn’t that God’s character varies; He’s unchanging. But our faith determines our experience of Him. This is a hugely important truth in whether we experience God’s Presence. If we ask Him to make His Presence felt but think the answer to that prayer is a long shot, we aren’t very likely to be aware of His touch. But if we pray fully confident that He will answer, we’ll encounter Him. Do you really believe God’s Presence is meant to be experienced–that it’s more than theoretical? Do you seek with the expectation that you’ll find? Do you ask for a tangible touch with the knowledge that He wants to give it? Look within when you ask, seek and knock. What you expect in your heart will largely determine what you get in your experience. God gave us a Bible full of examples of real encounters with Him, of hearing His voice and seeing His works, and we have to agree with these standards. The relationship is based on faith, to be sure, but the experience of it is meant to be concrete. Not to believe we can experience Him in real, tangible ways is to disagree with Him. If He promised we would know Him, not just know about Him-and He did-then we can.”

God has made His presence felt in tangible real ways with us this past year. We have experienced his grace, love and compassion upon us. God wants us to claim his promises, hold Him accountable to them, living “as if they are true”, living expectantly for a concrete encounter with Him. And He does not disappoint. What a painful season this has been in our lives. But winter is about over, Spring is coming and the blossoms and colors are about to unfold. Thank you Father for this sweet communion you provide. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.


  1. Candace Wilber Horch says

    Somehow I have missed these blogs and have yearned for more specific info about the journey. I hope to stay caught up at this point and am praying for the painful shoulder issue to be resolved. I also pray for the oncologist’s next step and that there will be many disease free years ahead. So far, I am also disease free and praising God for each day. Thank you for the devotional tidbits you are posting. They touch my heart. Continued prayers for your family and especially for Theresa and her strength and energy to return.

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