Direct Primary Care

So what is Direct Primary Care.  The “Direct” refers to payment.  As medicine used to be between the physician and the patient, “direct” focus’s goes back to that simple relationship.  Before the Government or Insurance companies invited themselves into the exam room, there was enough room and time to take care of your concerns.  Now in that exam room there is 1-2 extra people (even though we don’t see them, they are there), and of the 15 minutes allotted to you, 5 minutes is spend in recreating the visit on paper, and 4-5 minutes or more on paperwork to justify the meds, studies, or getting referrals.  And then at the end of the visit, when you pay, they take 1/2 of the money for giving you the privileged of being in the room with us. (They take this money in the form of fees and employees I have to hire to do their work)

Instead of taking Insurance money or Government money (which in reality was your’s to begin with, but when it is in their pocket they now consider it theirs), we offer to see you for a fair price, make some deals with those services willing to do so to provide labs, prescriptions and studies at a fraction of the cost that are highly inflated, because of the privilege of Insurance and Government to handle your money for you.  To be fair, the prices are high also because capitalism and the free market system doesn’t apply to medicine – a rigged system, or when large hospital systems have a monopoly and can demand what they want.  And just because the system at large allows them to do this, doesn’t mean they should.

So without the middleman between us in the exam room, with medication fees, with lab fees, and with study fees, I can ‘Direct” my care of you that is more satisfying for both of us and in fact easier on your pocket book.

Direct Care is much more attractive today with the price of insurance premiums and high deductibles.  Now you will still have to have your insurance because insurance, government, and hospital systems still charge astronomical fees and the administrations “earned” their 7 figure paychecks.  But direct care is a “Free-trade” zone.  I am here for you, not to feed them.  I tried that for years and the more you feed them, the more they want and before you know it, you are a skeleton, devoid of altruism, empathy, and charity.

Instead of having to share your visit with the above players, we give you even more time,  we can give you affordable prices because we don’t have to feed the system.  We can be more available even provide house calls because it is between you and I, as it should be.