Direct Care – What we are doing

Our Brochures and website should give you a good picture of what we are building for you. Behind the scenes, I have been working with National lab companies, whole sale pharmacies, pathology groups and radiological groups in our county and surrounding counties to find the best cash rates I can. I feel I am in the best position to find the best rates for you and offer them to you, to keep your outpatient health care costs as low as possible. As we move forward in the new year, I will work at getting other tests, such as sleep studies, colonoscopies, and others at the lowest cash price I can find. I believe in the Free Market and I want to join with other groups who are willing to work with me to provide the most cost effective care possible. What this means to you is, if you need a test, study, or labs, you will pay us the cash price at the time of your visit with us. You will have those tests done without copays, with minimal paperwork and the other business then bills our office and we pay them. This guarantees they will be paid, so they are more likely to give us the best rates possible.

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