Another reason why your prescription costs are high

Attached is a study about how drug companies are manipulating keeping their drug brand from going generic, retaining higher profits longer. REMS_Studyfinal_July2014. A summary of it (which may be easier reading) can be found on the Generic Pharmaceutical association website:

Is “old-fashioned medicine” really old-fashioned?

Nostalgia can be misleading, memories biased. Medicine before the advent of antibiotics, lead to many premature deaths. Many people died then what few die of now: appendicitis, pneumonia, sinus infections, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and many more. When people refer to old-fashioned medicine, they are referring not to the science of medicine but the art of ... Continue Reading

Why can’t I bring up problems during a Physical?

Healthcare policies and changes are financially driven. A few years back (probably around 4-5 years now) Medicare allowed for Preventative Screening visits. They still don’t believe a yearly physical exam is valuable (the actual examination of your physical body), but do believe screening tests are valuable and reduce the burden of disease later down the ... Continue Reading