Alternative to buying health insurance

The Federal health care law’s (Affordable Care Act) requirement that you have insurance or pay a penalty-tax (see 26 United States Code Section 5000A, (d), (2), (B)), can be met by a different route than buying the normal health insurance. It specifically allows healthcare sharing ministries, which are substantially cheaper than standard health insurance. This ... Continue Reading

That blood test cost how much??

Here is a great article about the ridiculous charges for an item that has a defined cost. A cholesterol panel (lipid panel) average charge was $220 (a range of $10 to $10,169 for the same test). While even at $5 a good profit can be had for that test. BMJ Open-2014-Hsia-

Money in Healthcare

Here is a list of finance facts that have come by my desk in over the past two weeks: – Congress approved $16.3 billion overhaul to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – To continue the Medicaid “pay raise” to doctors after 2014, it will cost the federal Government $11 billion over a two-year period ... Continue Reading