Well worth it and a few other comments.

It is interesting, since jumping off of the hamster wheel, the daily barrage of depressive changes in medicine don’t effect me like they did. All the previous items I wrote about are still there and growing, but they don’t touch my daily existence like they did. Generic and branded drug prices are priced ridiculously high, ... Continue Reading

Missing in action

Well many of you have wondered how it is going. Have we been successful or are we going under. Transitions are always difficult and take some time before things settle down. We moved to a new electronic medical record, new lab company, significantly less staff, new online fax company, and many other changes. We have ... Continue Reading

Direct Care Comparison

We are following the Direct Care Model presented by Dr. Josh Umbehr at Atlas.md/wichita. You can check out their site. I listened to a podcast his partners and he did last month. He presented a good comparison that is worth repeating. – In the Current model, for a $20 copay, you call to see if ... Continue Reading

Direct Care – What we are doing

Our Brochures and website should give you a good picture of what we are building for you. Behind the scenes, I have been working with National lab companies, whole sale pharmacies, pathology groups and radiological groups in our county and surrounding counties to find the best cash rates I can. I feel I am in ... Continue Reading

Direct Primary Care

So what is Direct Primary Care? The “Direct” refers to payment.  As medicine used to be between the physician and the patient, “direct” focus’s goes back to that simple relationship.  Before the Government or Insurance companies invited themselves into the exam room, there was enough room and time to take care of your concerns.  Now ... Continue Reading