Father, thank you for your love and care this week. Thank you all for your continued love and support. Theresa had a good week. Her left shoulder is painful all day, but nights are the worst. She has to take medications to calm it down enough to get some sleep. She has also been fairly ... Continue Reading


Thank you Father for your watch and care over us. Thank you for your Loving kindness and Faithfulness. Thank you for being the one constant we can depend on. Thank you all for your continued concern and prayers. Theresa had a different week. The Radiation machine was down for two or three days. She went ... Continue Reading

Grateful for today

Thank you Father for another week, and a fine one at that. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Theresa finished 20 of 34 Radiation treatments. She is starting to blister now, which is becoming uncomfortable. Due to insurance preauthorization snafu’s she hasn’t gotten into physical therapy for her lymphedema. Her fatigue is pretty prominent ... Continue Reading


Thank you Father once again for a good week, the strength for the week, and the encouragement from above. Thank you all for your continued support. Well the lack of restful sleep, radiation burned skin, lymphedema, left arm soreness from overuse (trying to become left hand dominant), fatigue, driving to Olympia five days a week, ... Continue Reading