Why – A matter of the heart

Now to explain what is the internal “Why”.  I love taking care of patients, love helping taking care of what you bring to me, it is fun, a challenge and life enhancing.  I also love my family and being able to spend time with them and engage in their lives.  I have three teenagers and ... Continue Reading


To understand my posts, I feel the need for you to understand me, and that means understanding what has shaped me.   I was born in Taiwan and lived on a Polio compound with my parents and siblings. My father, also a Family Physician, was lead to be a missionary doctor, initially in Taiwan for ... Continue Reading


This is my first go at a blog.  I felt the need to have a forum where I can explain the “why” for the change I have made, since it impacts my patients, coworkers, and staff greatly.   I will try my best to make what I write understandable from a non-medical mindset, though I ... Continue Reading