“All is well” in spite of it all

Thank you Father for your reassurance that “all is well” as you are in charge, engaged in all that is going on in all of our lives. Thank you for your continued presence. Thank you all for walking with us, your continued prayers, and kind words.

Well it has been a rough week. Our oncologist informed us on Monday he would have the pathologist check her cancer cells to see if they had PG-L1 expression as there are newer medications that are very effective for triple negative breast cancer with this expression. On Thursday we met with him and found out she didn’t have the PG-L1 expression. He also reviewed the PET scan and is convinced all the findings around the heart and in the chest is the cancer. At this point, other than a shot in the dark, there are no other treatments available. About 12% of triple negative breast cancer have androgen receptors (male hormone receptors) and are suppressed or slowed down by blocking androgens with medications used in prostate cancer treatment. She wasn’t checked for androgen receptors, but treatment is a low cost generic oral pill and the side effects minimal, so he started her on that in the off chance it works. So despite the advances coming around the corner, Theresa’s cancer cells have each time shown no weakness to exploit.

In addition, Theresa’s cough has progressed and her chest pain and shortness of breath increased. She had another Echocardiogram which showed her pericardial effusion has increased in size in the past month and is getting close to half of what it was before it constricted her heart. She will need to get another Echo in a few weeks to see how fast it is accumulating. Because of this and her chest pain, she was placed on prednisone, which has helped cut down the pain and hopefully slow down the effusion, but this has caused Theresa’s face to swell again, and we are having a difficult time dropping the dose due to the pain increasing. She is back to having severe coughing fits.

Unless Theresa improves in the next three weeks, we will have to cancel our trip to Disneyland as her oncologist doesn’t believe she is in good enough health for that trip. So we are praying the Casodex and prednisone help. The prednisone is making it hard for Theresa to sleep at night, so her fatigue level is increased.

Such is the state of affairs in our home. More somber in mood, motivation zapped, more contemplative. Sleepless nights have visited a number in our family.

We have had brief visits, flowers, cards, and acts of kindness bestowed on us and we are thankful for the blessings received. A friend sent me the song “All is well” Robin Mark.
“He lowers us to raise us, so we can sing his praises. Whatever is His way, all is well. Makes us rich and poor, that we might trust Him more. Whatever is His way, all is well. All my changes come from Him, He who never changes. And I’m held firm in the grasp of the Rock of all the Ages. All is well with my soul, He is God in control. I know not all His plans but I know I’m in His hands. I’m in His hands. He clothes us now then strips us, yet with His work equips, whatever is His way, all is well. And though our seasons change, we still exhale His name. Whatever is His way, all is well. All my changes come from Him, He who never changes. I am held firm in the grasp of the rock of all the ages. All is well with my soul, He is God in control. I know not all His plans, but I know I am in his hands.”

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.


  1. Nancy Duffy says

    I felt a strong feeling this morning that you needed extra prayers today so this morning my time in prayer was for your family. May He give you an extra blessing today and meet your every need.

  2. Bev Knudsvig says


  3. Debbie O’Connor says

    “Indeed, we felt that we had received the sentence of death. But that was to make us rely not on ourselves but on God who raises the dead. He delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On him we have set our hope that he will deliver us again. You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many.” 2 Co 1:9-11

    Reading your post, I kept thinking the phrase, “God of all comfort.” When I looked it up, this passage struck me a little further down. He IS the resurrection and the life. When I pray for Theresa, I always remember that our Father who made her can and will heal her. I pray that healing is a great testimony to His power and love. I want to see it on earth, and I know nothing is too hard for Him to do.

    Whatever God chooses, He has certainly glorified His name through you-his good, faithful servants. All my love, always.

  4. Brumsickle says

    Our love to you brings with it our heart-felt wishes for comfort for all of you. May your strength supported by all who wish you well, sustain, hold you, and bring you peace and love.

    Much love,
    Doris and Bill

  5. Daryl Ayers says

    Dr Paul and family,
    Oh, that I could remove this cup from you, but I cannot. Your tender updates of your sweet wife’s progress are an inspiration. Your faith and reliance on God is what sustains you. May He ever guide and direct your path. Much love, Daryl Ayers

  6. Candace Horch says

    Praying that you all can sleep better and continue to feel His presence… praying tonight that the oral pill will give some comfort and slow the cancer down, and that the prednisone side effects will be minimal… God is still a God of miracles and I pray you can enjoy that trip you want to take to Disneyland.

  7. Sherrie Conrad says

    Praying for you all as the storm rages. Believing with you as the song says…He holds you…all is well. Praying for sweet rest

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