A time for Thanks

Thank you Father for your help this week through the struggles of life. Thank you for meeting us where we are at. Thank you all for your continued love, prayers and support.

This week was much the same as last. The pain in Theresa’s left shoulder dominates each day. She was to get an injection in the joint last Monday, but had competing appointments and so had to move it to this Monday. Though come to find out, there really wasn’t competing appointments, I just put an appointment on the wrong day. I felt so bad. She has gotten a few deep tissue massages that help some, and is having to take pain meds regularly. She finds the massages help a little in increasing the motion and temporarily with pain. She is really hoping the joint injection Monday will calm the pain. This week also she became pretty fatigued. She has had this off and on over her course of treatment when she gets profoundly fatigue. Her body feels weighed down with lead and she feels she can sleep for days. This usually comes after her treatments but can also come out of the blue. It hit her this weekend, so she has slept a good amount, which she has needed since the shoulder pain makes it difficult for her to sleep. As you can guess chronic pain and the loss of health can be very trying. Yet Theresa has found that the power to persist though it is outlook or mindset. It is easy to get discouraged, give up and become negative when you are presented with curveballs like this. But Christ offers so much more. He walks with us and helps us through these times and gives us hope. The new testament implores us to think about what is good and profitable, to hope all things, to pray without ceasing, to give thanks in all things, to have a humble and grateful heart, claiming His lovingkindness and faithfulness to see us through these times. And when you train yourself with this mindset, you realize that His words are more than just on paper, but actually can be counted on to live by and are True.

John is such a beautiful book. He gives us a lengthy intimate view of Christ’s teaching to the disciples in the upper room before fulfilling his hour. He finished His prayer in Chapter 17 by calling God loving and righteous despite knowing His unjust suffering would begin in a few short hours. He could do this because He knew the Father intimately. He knew his Father, he knew he would see him through. He gives us the same confidence, that allows us to accept what ever comes our way and trust He will be there with us in power and grace.

One of my commentaries, had this quote from Ryle from an early part of the prayer recorded in John 17. “The crucifixion brought glory to the Father. It glorified His wisdom, faithfulness, holiness, and love. It showed Him wise, in providing a plan whereby He could be just, and yet the justifier of the ungodly. It showed Him faithful in keeping His promise, that the seed of the woman should bruise the serpent’s head. It showed Him holy, in requiring His law’s demands to be satisfied by our great Substitute. It showed Him loving, in providing such a Mediator, such a redeemer, and such a Friend for sinful man as His co-eternal Son. The crucifixion brought glory to the Son. It glorified His compassion, His patience, and His power. It showed Him most compassionate, in dying for us, suffering in our stead, allowing Himself to be counted sin and a curse for us, and buying our redemption with the price of His own blood. It showed Him most patient, in not dying the common death of most men, but in willingly submitting to such pains and unknown agonies as no mind can conceive, when with a word He could have summoned His Father’s angels, and been set free. It showed Him most powerful, in bearing the weight of all transgressions of the world, and vanquishing Satan, and despoiling him of his prey.”

Thank you Lord! May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving as we have so much to be thankful for. Continue to keep Theresa in your prayers. Pray that the joint injection works beyond expectation. Thank you for supporting us in prayer.


  1. Pearl Moltz says

    Prayers for dear Theresa for complete healing of her entire body with total release from all pain dear heavenly Father….in the wonderful and powerful name of your son Jesus! Amen And Amen!

  2. Dianna and Ŕod Samuelson says

    God bless you both. We continue to pray for you as you continue this journey. Happy Thanksgiving. ♡♡♡ Dianna and Rod

    • Bob Holland says

      Good to hear your meditative heart through this trial, so encouraging for both those of us somewhat sheltered from such as well as those who have struggled in the past…God Bless you. Thanks for giving us your time to help us all through this messy and sinful life of ours… but with Christ, appropriated daily as you are doing we can see His Silver lining in the gray clouds.

  3. Doris and Bill Brumsickle says

    We fervently wish Theresa pain free days and a family-filled lovely Thanksgiving as she continues this battle.

  4. Kimberly Bennett says

    Praying for Theresa’s pain to lessen to go away, for strength, for complete healing of her body. Praying for you Dr. Paul and Your Family. For strength, patience, to soothe you all for having someone chronically ill takes a toll at times. God Bless You All. my Prayers are With You

  5. Debbie rFine says

    Theresa, pain just wears the body out, it stinks! You will rise above this. Also, Dr. Paul, continue to let others serve you guys. Theresa’s been very independent for awhile, even though you both are strict to the no sugar Vegan way of eating, you must try my pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! In this big world, I’m am so grateful for your friendship and the examples of love and forgiveness you guys exhibit in ALL circumstances. Love you, Nurse Deb

  6. Mary says

    To live with chronic pain is a day to day ugly beast. Those who have it rarely get a day away from it. You lay down, the pain goes with you. Having dinner with your family? Yes. It comes along. My heart is full of compassion and understanding. I am always humbled when I read Dr Paul’s blog. Dr Paul must be so over whelmed, over tired, and over worked between his profession and personal life. God does promises he will not give us more than we can bear. That’s his promise and I believe it with all my heart. I know Dr Paul and his lovely wife will be amblesses with Gods grace. Not just Thanksgiving but every day! Thank you Dr David for having such a wonderful, funny and humble son to follow n your footsteps.

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