6 months in remission and almost done with Physical Therapy.

Thank you Father for your Generosity to us, for a semblance of normalcy, for friends and family who are continuing with us in this adventure.

Well I am two weeks late in writing my blog. Nothing major has occurred. Have been busy with building a new office building and cleaning out the old of 70 years of being a physician office, plus all that keeps a family busy. Sorry for the delay. Though by October, all of that should be behind us, so should be less busy.

Theresa has been going to Physical Therapy since her shoulder surgery. Initially she went daily, then three times a week, then twice a week, now once every few weeks. In addition she gets neck and shoulder deep tissue massages as her tight muscles fight with her gaining better use of her shoulders. It is a fight to regain what she has lost. Some weeks she has good range of motion and then other weeks, the muscles are tight and she loses a bit and has to work harder the next week. She has her exercises to do at home, though they are very easy to forget. Surgery, physical therapy and massage have all helped so she can move around more at night without the severe shoulder pain. She can also work on her hair better, though she cut it short so it takes the least amount of effort possible.

She sees her Oncologist next week. She is about 6 months in remission. If she can stay in remission another year, then from a statistical standpoint, she has a good chance to make it 4 more years. We pray God healed her so we can grow old together, but thank Him for the time he has given us. She still fatigues out quickly. She has found she gets sunburned very easily since radiation and chemo, even when using sunscreen. Theresa and our two youngest spend last week at a special friends camp, working with kids with developmental disabilities. They all had a very blessed time. Theresa really struggled with the three hour drive there and back and with the long very active days. She has slept long and hard and probably will take a few weeks to regain her energy. She finds she doesn’t have the energy she used to have. Her spirits are good though and she has a heart of gratitude. We have enjoyed our Sunday afternoon walks. Having her gone at camp this week was difficult. I realized, once again, that God has been so generous to us. I’m so thankful Theresa is still here with us. I don’t want to think how hard and lonely it would be without her, so I don’t. We take one day at a time, enjoy it the best we can in the midst of the busyness. We sing God’s praise for he has blessed us beyond measure.

From Chris Tiegreen’s “Experiencing God’s Presence”. “In Jesus’ Presence, resources multiply. He is the Lord of abundance, not of the never-quite-enough. It’s true that His people sometimes go through lean seasons and that we learn to seek Him and depend on Him in those seasons. But insufficiency is never His end result for us. He is fully able to provide whatever we need whenever we need it….God strengthens faith by stretching it, and faith isn’t stretched when everything is given far in advance. Even so, God does not intend to leave His Children lacking. His Presence brings not only fullness of joy but fullness of life. He gives extravagant promises about taking care of us”.

Thank you for continuing to walk with us.


  1. Penny and John Watridge says

    Hi Paul and Theresa, I hope the back to school time is going smoothly for you all. Thinking of you and wishing you health.

  2. Candace Horch says

    I continue to get these, thanks to my sister, Julie Gamewell, and Theresa is on my daily prayer list. I am 3 years in remission for uterine cancer, and thanking God for every day He gives me. I truly enjoy reading your spiritual perspectives in your blog and hearing that Theresa continues to do well. God is good… all of the time.

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