4 of 6 cycles and graduation

Thank you Father for this new day, for your love, and care for us. Thank you all for your continued concern and prayers.

Theresa completed her forth of six cycles of chemo on Thursday. Each one has hit her harder than the last. I think it is pretty wearing on her and at times hits her spirits hard. The hope is that when the 6 cycles are done, she will have more energy and endurance and be able to get back to doing what she did. Right now an hour or so in the kitchen, when she has the energy, wipes her out the rest of the day.

Well Theresa made it to her third son’s graduation from high school, one of her short term goals that chemo has allowed her to get to. He graduates today and then has his graduation party next week. We have gotten great help from my mom in helping with the graduation party. Theresa has reluctantly had to accept help with those tasks relating to his graduation, but that she can be part of it, is a big answer to prayer. Unless some unforeseen acute medical problem arises, it looks like she should be able to enjoy the summer months with her family.

With the ups and down of cancer and the uncertainty of the future, I limit my thoughts toward the future to weeks and days and not longer than that. I don’t want to think about or dwell on that which is yet to come. If I think too much about the future it affects today too much and plus I don’t know what the future holds. Yet I know who holds the future and He is dependable, trustworthy, and loving beyond measure. So it is so much better to let go, trust Him with the future and enjoy each day He has given us together. He helps us live despite it all. He helps us carry on. We will enjoy today, and celebrate our son’s accomplishments.

My devotions today were directed toward Matthew 18. Jesus confronted by Peter about how many times we should forgive someone, answers him with two extreme examples. Peter, thinking he was generous, thought 7 times was more than generous. Christ told him 70 times seven and then told him a parable where a man was forgiven millions of dollars of debt out of grand generosity of a king, but then turns around and won’t forgive a $10 debt owed to him. The two fold wisdom in this illustration is God’s grace is so much grander than what we can imagine and we constantly get it wrong when we think we act similarly to Him. He is a good good Father, worthy of so much more than we can give him. We constantly put ourselves in the way of His work, and come up with so many distortions of what the truth about Him really is. The more we have Him walk with us in life, the more we need him and want him to be Lord of it all. It is easy to trust in Him and allow faith to mature when you see the truth of who He is and He shows up at just the right time and showers us with himself.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.


  1. Debbie O'Connor says

    I thank God that Theresa is still here to bless you all and enjoy your son’s graduation ceremony. I’m praying for a long, health-filled extension that will allow you all to enjoy many more milestones. I think of you and pray for you all daily.

  2. Toni Belveal says

    Thank you, Dr. Paul for showing us how to live with thankfulness in spite of our circumstances. Your faith is so encouraging. Continuously praying for Theresa, you and your family.

  3. Mitch Dietz says

    Paul such an amazing picture of God’s grace and provision helping you to walk through this journey. Your complete trust in God is inspiring to me. Knowing your heavenly Father is good in the midst of great difficulty is the essence of trust. I’m praying for wonderful times of bonding and enjoying the small things of life this summer for you and your family. Love and prayers.

    PS thank you so much for this blog!

  4. Matt Whitehead says

    Such powerful and profound words, Paul. You are teaching us and modeling Jesus by the way you & Teresa are walking this road. I’m preaching today on healing and using some of your words from this post. Many are praying. The One who holds you is utterly and completely faithful.

  5. Kathy Spencer says

    Rejoicing with you and Theresa Paul in the celebration of Matthew’s milestone HE graxuztion! He is a fine young man whom it has been my joy to watch grow up as you two have nurtured him. I am praying that all of the summer’s milestones will be met and that Theresa will be able to have the strength and health to be able to enjoy and be present for them.
    You are both such an example to me of the strength that comes from our Lord, physically/emotionally/spiritually, when our own strength is drained from life’s trials. Thank you for blogging so that those of us who love you and your family can lift you in prayer. Please let us know if/when there is anything we can do to help physically to help all of you.

  6. Candace Horch says

    Continuing to lift this precious family in my daily prayers…indeed, we know Who holds the future.

  7. Alene Palmer says

    Thank you, Dr Paul for your Blog. We keep you and Theresa and kids in our prayers. Good news of recent milestones and looking forward to more. You encourage us with your trust and faith walk with God thru this journey with your family

  8. Dianna and Rod Samuelson says

    God bless you both for sharing your lives with us so we can hold you up in prayer. We are blessed to know you. Love, Dianna and Rod

  9. Tammy Barnes Callahan says

    Praying for another miracle for your beautiful family, please tell her that she is loved and memories from childhood are very cherished. If there is anything I can do…..

  10. Kathy Mills says

    Great is our Lord. Great is His faithfulness. I am so thankful for all God has done for you and your family.

  11. Leo says

    You all are a valuable asset to our community. You make a huge difference in people’s lives in a multitude of ways.

    Sending you tons and support, prayers and love.

    Leo, Mara and D

  12. Jane and Jim Miller says

    We continue to pray daily for you asking for comfort and healing for Theresa. We are always so encouraged by your words always a reminder of the Fathers care and love in any and all situations.
    May He continue to strengthen,comfort and encourage you all [2Corinth.1:2-4]

  13. Margaret Dukes says

    Thank you Dr. Paul for sharing your wisdom, faith, and love for God. I think about living in the moments He gives us in the present. He does hold all of the future. I think so many times of the amazing love He has for us. I am thankful for your blog. You and your family are in our prayers and hearts.

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